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Girls Who Do Great Things!

I am so excited for our Girls Who Do Great Things series! The first incredible girl we would like to feature is Miss Sophia King who recently ran two 5K's with Girls On The Run. Let's see what she had to say about this super fun club for girls:

What is Girls On The Run? Girls On The Run is a program to meet other girls and try to be yourself. It's not just running. You get to do fun activities and learn how to handle bullying. Have your inner star shine.

What made you want to participate? At our school, we have this broadcast, when I was in 2nd grade I saw girls on the GOTR team, and I thought it was really fun. I learned it wasn't just about running. Mom let me sign up.

Did you set goals for yourself? At the end of the day, we write down the date, how many mins we ran, our last goal, then we write down how many laps we actually did. Last lap goals, our lesson and something that we learned from it.  What were the lessons like? One of my favorites was a circle activity where we hold onto a rope and keep passing to someone else. At the end, we stood up with our rope and we said what we saw. Spider web, star, etc. and our teacher said that was around how everyone was connected in the center. Topics? Inner star, friendships, bullying, balancing healthy choices with not so healthy choices. Tell me about the girls on your team. I made a couple of new friends. Madison is one of my new good friends. At the end of the day, we give an energy award to a girl who was trying her best and encouraging others. We do a chant or a dance for her, we put our hands on top of her head and chant "three, two, one, girls on the run is so much fun!" What is special about an all-girl team? I think it is special because my teacher tells us we are totally open to share anything and it is a safe environment and everyone is really nice and we all go through the same things and it is just really fun to run with just the girls. Did you complete a service project? Last year we did a service project for the fireman. We collected donations for gift bags, gave them out and raised money for the fireman. Every year we choose a service. We suggest ideas to coaches and most suggestions wins.

What was it like to train? Sometimes it's hard because on Weds, I have GOTR and violin. I go to violin first. I leave that a few minutes early to get to GOTR. I need to train for both. I sometimes feel like I am not getting enough running in. So I do it outside of school. It is a long time since my last training so it feels a little harder at the start of new season. Running the 5K It was really fun to see girls running with their mom or running buddy. I enjoyed running with Aunt Monisha because she was really supportive (whenever you want to run, walk). There were always water stands. There was three water breaks. One of them was down the hill. We only took two. We ran through it and up the hill and around and finished. I also really liked that there wasn't a a 1,2 ,3, 4 place, everyone got a medal. I felt really good when I crossed the finish line and I was really proud of myself. 

What did you learn about yourself? At the beginning of the year, we did our first practice 5k. It was really really hard, there were these two big hills. It was really hard to run up those. It was fun though because we named the hills heart attack hill and death hill because they were so hard. We did it. At end of our practice 5k, we had Eegees. At the beginning of year when I saw all of these other girls running, I didn't know if I could do as good as them, they encouraged me and I felt really good about that.

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