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Off to Hollywood!

In our Girls Who Do Great Things series, I am so excited to highlight Jessie, who pursued her dream of taking the first steps to break into the entertainment industry!

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Where did you go to pursue your dream?

The CGTV acting workshops and professional showcase. It was an All Star program, where I refined my skills in the areas of acting exercises, monologue and improv.

How did it feel to take this leap?

It didn't feel real. It was so much fun. Definitely the best thing that ever happened to me. It was amazing. I want to go back to Hollywood.

You competed in a monologue competition, tell us more about that.

I competed in the 11-15 age group for a monologue. The monologue was about a babysitter who was super sweet when the parents were home and then devilish once they left. I won first place for my age group!

You also met with agents?

Yes! I met with several talent agents and received many call backs (which is where you go back to meet with them again and they decide whether their agency is a good fit to represent you). If so, they help you get acting auditions and jobs.

What happened? Did you get signed?

Yes! A few different agents wanted to represent me and we selected our favorite. I have had auditions since then and am having so much fun.

What advice would you give other girls who have big dreams to pursue, but aren't sure they have the confidence?

If you get a chance to do something you love (like I did), you have to go for it. If I had psyched myself out, thinking I wasn't good enough, I would not have gotten another chance. I also never listen to other people if they have anything negative to say about my dream. If you care about something, you should do it. 

So in the end, your adventure in Hollywood brought you what:

Improved skills, exposure, signed with an agent and auditions.  

So exciting! We are really proud of you, Jessie. Thanks for being a part of our girl community, and for sharing your Hollywood experience. We know that you will reach every one of your dreams.

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