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In our Girls Who Do Great Things series, I am so excited to highlight Abi, who pursued her dream of being a part of the Seussical musical!

What made you want to audition for Suessical?

I had always wanted to join a musical, but I wasn't confident. I didn't think I would be selected. After attending my new school, and making great friends (like Jessie) who helped me build my confidence, I decided I wanted to reach higher than I ever have before. I wanted to do this for me, for myself.

What was it like after you were chosen to be a part of the musical?

I loved it! I got to be on stage singing, dancing and acting. It felt like a piece of my heart that was lost came back. I loved being with a team of people who were just as scared and excited as I was to perform.

What did you learn about yourself?

What I think of myself is more important than what anyone else thinks of me or what I am doing. I would rather be happy and pursue my dreams. It's not about what other people think.

Will you audition for other musicals or seek other opportunities to dance, act and sing?

Yes. I want to do it all. First, I will focus on having fun (in the process) and developing my skills. Then I will decide how I want to use them.

What would you tell other girls who have a giant dream to pursue but might be scared of what others think?

If someone else tells you that your dream isn't worth pursuing, it is not their choice. What you do with your life is the most important thing. Don't be scared to try something because someone else is scared to.

Abi, it was such fun to cheer you on at this performance. We are so proud of your courage. Thanks for being a part of our girl community, and for sharing your Seussical experience. We can't wait to see where your all your dreams take you!

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